The Morning Dump: 6/29/12

Not much excitement in the NBA draft last night. Thumbs Up: Hornets, Thunder, Blazers Thumbs Down: Cavs, Rockets, Heat

Here is a lesson for the kids out there. The longer you stay in school the less money you will make after college. (In the NBA)

Big upset in Wimbledon with Nadal getting dropped by the #100 ranked player in the world in Lukas Rosol. It’s setting up to be a Federer vs. Djokovic finals I hope.

The Penguins must trust their teams doctors because they just signed Crosby to a 12 year $104m extension. He is electric but one hard hit to the boards can change a lot.

Clint Bowyer is gonna get his 2nd straight win this weekend in Kentucky. Book it.

Coming off 4 straight shutouts the Giants are climbing up the MLB Power Rankings. I think we all knew their pitching would come along but they will need more bats to make a championship run.

Mario Balotelli has put Italy in the Euro 2012 final against Germany with a stellar performance yesterday. Check it out sunday afternoon. I think Spain will win but hopefully we will have some action.




3 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 6/29/12

  1. If Clint races in Kansas this weekend he’ll have a pretty good shot at winning… since no one else will be there.

  2. Krie Irving finally has the help he needs to get Cleveland that championship Dan Gilbert promised they’d win before Lebron!

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