The Morning Dump: 7/31/12

The IOC is pretty upset at Dr. Dre over his ambush marketing by giving his Beats by Dre headphones to the British Olympic team.  The IOC and Panasonic are looking at options to get the headphones out of the picture.  Good Luck with that.

Today is MLB trade deadline day.  Who’s moving and who’s staying?  What do you think?  I think Dempster to the Dodgers is going to happen today.

NBC is its own worst enemy in this “Prime Time Tape Delay” situation.  I understand why they are doing it and I am fine with it, but just don’t show promos for the Today Show with gold medal winning Missy Franklin before you showed her win the gold.

Drew Brees says that nobody trusts Roger Goodell and all the players know they will not get a fair shake from him.  The Hall of Fame diner on Friday night should be entertaining.  Goodell and the Saints will be in attendance.

Adrian Peterson had to make a trip to the hospital for a seafood reaction after Toby Gerhart snuck some shrimp into Peterson’s lunch.

The cold London weather got to my girls on the beach volleyball team and forced me to watch them play fully clothed.  I can’t wait for 2016 when the Olympics are in Rio.


The Morning Dump: 7/30/12

Up early and watching some women’s beach volleyball.  Not a bad way to wake up.

Where will Josh Beckett, Josh Johnson, James Shields, Ryan Dempster and Jonathon Broxton end up?  They are the 5 top pitchers available for the trade deadline.  The Red Sox really want to move Beckett and are willing to eat a lot of his salary to do it.

I think Ben Tate hired the nutritionist that has convinced Arian Foster that he should go vegan.  I might have to change my AFC title pick because of this.  There is no way a vegan can lead his team to a Super Bowl.

Jerry Jones longs for the “Glory Hole” days of yesterday.  Nasty.

North Korea’s possible nuclear weapons or crazy leadership doesn’t scare me as much as their freakishly strong 9-year-olds.

Jimmie Johnson gets his 4th Brickyard victory and Dale Jr. takes over the points lead.  Not a bad day for Hendrick Racing yesterday.





Thank You, U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball.

The IOC gave you a choice and you picked “FREEDOM”.  Thank you.  You have shown us all that women’s beach volleyball is not to be played in shorts and t-shirts.  You showed us all that no matter how cool it may get in London in August, you will not fold.  You look like America and we love it.


Hey Sean May, Why Did You Change Majors?

The University of North Carolina has been embroiled in an NCAA scandal involving: rogue agents, illegal benefits, rogue tutors, plagiarized papers, rogue coaches, fake classes, rogue faculty, fake majors, rogue players, fake departments, rogue professors, fake degrees, etc. However, up until this point the holy grail of UNC, men’s basketball, has escaped criticism. That is, until now.

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Don’t Expect A U.S. Flag Dip Tonight At The Opening Ceromonies.

Check out Patrick Cain’s take on why the U.S. doesn’t dip the flag as they pass the host country.

Why Won’t The Team USA Dip The Flag At The Opening Ceromonies?-Patrick Cain, Mental Floss

For the last 100 years, the Olympic spirit has come with an asterisk for the United States. It’s not doping. It’s not underage gymnasts. In fact, if you’re not looking closely, you’ll miss it at the Opening Ceremonies: the United States will be the only country that refuses to dip its flag when passing the host country.

Let’s back up. During the Opening Ceremonies, every nation’s team parades in behind one member who holds the country’s flag. In the stands sit the governing officials of the home country. As the team marches past this section, the flag-holder lowers the flag as a sign of respect. Every country does the dip, except the United States. The small move of respect has been a thorn in the sides of home countries since the U.S. first snubbed tradition at the 1908 London Games. Continue reading