Jeneba Tarmoh gives up her Olympic spot by withdrawing from runoff.

If I am being too harsh will someone please tell me but what is wrong with Tarmoh.  All you train for as a sprinter is the Olympics.  The world doesn’t care about anything else.  You have put years of blood, sweat and tears (cliché) into this and you are backing out because you felt you earned the right to be there.

If you need the back story here is the fast version.  Tarmoh and Felix tied in the 100 meters for 3rd and 4th.  Tarmoh thought she won and ran around in celebration but was told after that she had tied.  Only 3 spots go so we got to have a runoff.  I won’t even get into the possible coin flip junk that was proposed.  The runoff was set for tonight but Tarmoh has backed out and allowed Felix to go.

Tarmoh is going to the Olympics as a member of the relay team but if I was the USATF I would not bring her.  She quit.  Plain and simple, she quit and I don’t want to see her in London with a flag on her shirt.


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