The Morning Dump: 7/2/12

Hard to believe it is already July.

The Cincinnati Reds are not happy that Tony Larussa left Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto off the NL All Star roster.  They feel he is holding some old Cardinals/Reds feelings against them.

With his 3rd win of the year yesterday, Tiger Woods is the only player with 3 wins, first in the Fed Ex standings and is still needing that major win to show people he is great again.

Whether the Saints and Jonathan Vilma engaged in a “Pay to injure” program or not.  The leagues handling of the investigation and discipline has not been very good.  Vilma’s lawsuit has many great points and if it gets in front of a court may work.  Check it out.

Aldon Smith almost got himself the Chris Chambers treatment at a party this weekend.  $5 to the first person who can tell what getting Chris Chambers’d means.

I love me some R.A. Dickey.  Just keep throwing the knuckler and winning games.  He needs to be the N.L. starter.

Dwight Howard!

The Blazers have set the market for big men with their max-offer to Roy Hibbert.  If Indiana doesn’t match, Portland gets very good.

The Blue Deuce got its 3rd win of the year in Kentucky and is sitting at 10th in the standings but with 3 wins Keselowski is all but guaranteed a spot in the chase.

Spain dominated Italy yesterday 4-0 to win their 3rd straight major tournament title (2010 WC, 2008 Euro Cup, 2012 Euro Cup).  They are already on most list as the best international team ever and are looking to continue their reign at World Cup 2014 in Brazil.



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