The Fight Game: 7/6/12

If you are a fan of the fight game there are a number a good fights happening this weekend in both boxing and UFC.


Javier Fortuna vs. Cristobal Cruz (JrLW) ESPN Friday Night Fights 7/6- This will be the most exciting fight of the weekend.  They will go at it.

Nonito Donaire vs. Jeffrey Mathebula (JrFW) WBI/IBF Title Fight HBO 7/7

Can The Ghost get it back?

Kelly Pavlik vs. Will Rosinsky (Super MW) HBO 7/7- I am a big Pavlik fan and it is good to see him back fighter after his battle with alcoholism.  The former champ is a big puncher and is moving back up the super middleweight rankings.

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson (HW) Ring/IBF/WBO/WBA Title Fight Epix 7/7- This is a rematch of a fight in 2008.  Thompson can punch and has the power to knockout Dr. Steelhammer but the Dr. will not falter.  He is a better boxer and will dismantle Thompson.


UFC 148 Silva vs. Sonnen 2 – Sonnon beat Silva all over the ring in their first fight and got caught in a triangle choke in the final round.  It is rare that the winner of a fight has to make more adjustments than the loser but this is what is happening.  Sonnen will crowd Silva and put pressure on him.  Silva needs to react better than he did in the first fight if he doesn’t want his belts to fly back to the U.S. with Sonnen.  Sonnen has an adjustment to make also.  Don’t get submitted.  He gets sloppy sometimes and gets himself choked out.  It is rare that the main event ends up being the most exciting fight but in this case it will be.  I am going with a Sonnen upset as my pick.

The other fights are filled with soon-to-be retired fighters and ones that are hanging on too long.  This undercard is not the best I have seen, but has some decent fights.  Mendes vs. McKenzie should be nice.  Someone will get choked out unless Mendes lands a big shot.  Faber vs. Barao will be exciting to watch, but we all want to see the Faber vs. Cruz fight that was scratched due to Cruz’s injury.  Maybe next year.


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