A Quick Ten: The 10 Best Coaches/Managers In Sports

Some of them have must see press conferences and some stay out of the spotlight but they all are winners.  My list of the 10 best coaches in sports.

10.  Mike Tomlin, In his 5 years in Pittsburgh he has won a Super Bowl and been to the playoffs 4 times. 

9.  Jim Leyland

8.  Mike Babcock, Owner of the 2008 Stanley Cup, Babcock has taken his team to the playoffs 8 of 9 years he has been an NHL head coach.

7.  George Karl

6.  Les Miles, The Mad Hatter has averaged over 10 wins a season at LSU and won the 2007 BCS Title.  His exciting play calling delights and angers all at the same time.

5.  Sean Payton

4.  Tom Coughlin,  Week1=Starts season, Week 6= Hot Seat, Week 12=Get on a run, End=Super Bowl Win

3.  Doc Rivers

1.  Tie: Gregg Popovich and Bill Belichick, Both have built their championship franchises from the ground up using strong drafts and smart moves.  Both have multiple titles with 3 for Bill and 4 for Pop.  Easily the 2 top coaches in sports.



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