Who Ya Got? Dream Team vs. 2012 Team

It’s the matchup of the century, the Dream Team vs. the 2012 Team.  Who wins?

Here we go.

The Starting Five





Point Guard

Magic Johnson (32)

Chris Paul (27)


Shooting Guard

Michael Jordan (29)

Kobe Bryant (33)


Small Forward

Scottie Pippen (27)

Kevin Durant (23)


Power Forward

Charles Barkley (29)

Lebron James (27)



Patrick Ewing (29)

Tyson Chandler (29)



Magic vs. Paul:  Both are good shooter s with that killer instinct and can get the ball to any of their teammates for scoring chances.  Magic’s size and strength are an advantage, but Paul’s youth and speed would prevail.

Jordan vs. Kobe:  2 of the best scorers in the history of the game right here.  Jordan would win this battle but not by a big margin.  Kobe is the closest player to Jordan that the NBA has seen and this would be my dream one-on-one matchup to watch ever.

Guard Bench:  Stockton and Drexler will pass out chasing Williams, Harden and Westbrook around the court.  Even with Jordan the Dream Team guards will be woefully outmatched.  Guard play is a big advantage to the 2012 team.

Pippen vs. Durant:  Bird started for the Dream Team, but that was simply ceremonial.  He had very little left in his tank so Pippen was the 3 for this squad.  Does it matter?  Not really.  Durant is a far superior player than both these guys and easily wins this matchup.

Barkley vs. Lebron:  Barkley is one of the toughest, gutsiest players ever, but Lebron’s versatility wins out here.  He can bang with Barkley low and take him away from the basket.  Barkley will be grabbing his shorts early.

Forward Bench:  Larry Bird will think he is looking into a mirror from 1986 when he sees Kevin Love drop a couple 3’s over his head.  Mullin and Laettner have nothing for Carmelo and Iguodala.  The best matchup might be the Malone vs. Blake Griffin inside battle, but it would end early when Malone got kicked out for rocking Blake for trying to “Posterize” him.  Advantage 2012.

Ewing vs. Chandler:  The Dream Team catches a break with Dwight Howard’s fake back injury and draw Tyson Chandler as the only player with size on this roster.  The only good thing for the new guys is that Chandler is a big time defender and rebounder and should match well with Ewing.  But what happens when Chandler gets tired?

Center Bench:  David Robinson will go unchecked here and provides the Dream Team with the one thing that the 2012 team doesn’t have, inside depth. 

Coaching:  Coach K was on Chuck Daly’s 1992 staff and knows his opponent very well.  He will attack weaknesses and use he superior athletes.  Advantage Coach K.

Outcome:  In a best of 7 series the 2012 team wins this battle fairly easily.  They are younger, faster and have a core that has played together for 4 years.  The Dream Team’s advantage inside is neutralized somewhat by the wide lanes of the international game.  The guards and forwards of the 2012 team will run the Dream Team to death and take over late.


5 thoughts on “Who Ya Got? Dream Team vs. 2012 Team

  1. now I know why you call yourself the morning dump. You are full of it!!!

  2. this article is complete bs. The dream team would kick the crap out of this 2012 roster. if Howard, rose and rondo were on this team it would be closer but they still wouldn’t win. everyone on the dream team was in their prime minus magic and bird.

    • The 2012 team is much more versatile than the Dream Teamers. Who could guard Lebron or Durant? Who could guard Kevin Love? The guards would overmatch them easily too.

      • Who would guard his Airness? Pippen? Sir Charles? The Admiral? The Glide? The Mailman alone will physically empower anyone from the 2012 team with his devastating signature elbow rubs. Sir Charles will dominate with his rebounding and inside scoring and destroy whatever confidence the 2012 has in them.

        Come on man, let’s be realistic here. You are comparing the ’92 team with HOF’s versus these young bucks (except Bryant) and expect the youngins to win? Whoever started this question with Kobe seems that it is either the person grew up in the late 90’s and did not have any exposure to how physical the NBA was then or someone paid the person to stir the pot for financial gain.

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