Would you pay $750,000 for a Pepsi? Ronaldinho did.

Coca Cola has ended their $750,00 a year endorsement contract with 2-time FIFA Player of the Year, Ronaldinho after he was spotted drinking a Pepsi during a press conference.  Is Pepsi going to step in and pick him up?

In 1999 I was working at a restaurant on Lake Norman and many of the NASCAR drivers of that time would dine there.  One evening Rusty Wallace and his family came and I was waiting on them.  Rusty ordered a Miller Lite (his sponsor at the time)and as a joke I brought him a Bud Light instead.  He didn’t enjoy the joke and told me not to even bother setting it down.  After I brought him a Miller Lite, I told him I didn’t know about his sponsor and played dumb.  He then told me he couldn’t even drink draft beer over fear that someone would say he wasn’t drinking Miller Lite.  Great guy and he tipped well.


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