Hey, Larry Fitzgerald. Get ready to catch passes from Drew Brees.

The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees have until Monday to get a long-term deal signed or Drew Brees will not be a New Orleans Saint in 2013.  Right now the team and Brees are about $1 mil per season and $10 mil guaranteed apart and they are not getting any closer.  There are only 3 ways this ends, good, bad and ugly.

Good:  Brees and the Saints reach a deal by the Monday deadline and all is good in the world.

Bad:  A deal is not reached and Brees is forced to play under the franchise tag.  He will make $16 mil this year and then the Saints will use the tag again in 2013 and be cash strapped by paying Brees over $23 mil and nearly 1/5 of their cap.

Ugly:  A deal is not reached and the greatest and most popular New Orleans Saint ever walks away in free agency after this season.  More than likely to the open arms of the Arizona Cardinals.

Don’t let this happen, New Orleans.

“Pay him, pay that man his money.”- Teddy KGB



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