The Morning Dump: 7/12/12

Waking to a muggy Columbia morning.  Checked out the new Oliver Stone flick “Savages” last night.  Very nice.  If it weren’t for the Mexican drug cartels beheading people and the Feds busting you, I might think about starting a high-end marijuana biz.

Yesterday was also the slowest sports day of the year.  Did it drive anyone else crazy?

Justin Upton, Zach Grienke and Cole Hamels are the big names in the MLB trade rumor mill.  Upton to Pittsburgh is an option and the Rangers will go after pitching. Look for James Shields from the Rays to get some talk too.

NBA signings got going yesterday and there were no surprises.  Howard to Brooklyn is dead for now(1/15) and it looks like the Lakers and Rockets are the only teams in the picture.

The Saints and Drew Brees are $10 mil away in guaranteed money.  Pay that man his money.

The race is in New Hampshire this weekend and that means that Clint Bowyer is going to get win #2 on the year and secure his chase spot.

Chris Weidman’s #Beatemdown of Mark Munoz last night has him calling Silva for a title shot.  Maybe the most devastating elbow ever thrown.  Will Dana White listen?

Steve Stricker comes into the John Deere Classic looking for his 4th straight win at this course.  I like Kyle Stanley this week.


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