The Morning Dump: 7/13/12


Happy Friday the 13th to all of you.  I’m bringing you to the weekend with a Friday Dump fueled by Red Bull and The Rolling Stones.

Oh No!  The clothes the U.S.A. is wearing at the Olympics are made in China.  Guess what?  They were made in China in 2008,2004 and 2000 too.  At least we are using an American company.  Didn’t Roots(Canada) make the Winter Olympic clothes one year?  Why is everyone acting like making 200 outfits in the U.S. will save jobs in this country?

Joe Paterno’s legacy is now the coach that let all of this sexual abuse go on and he is as guilty as Sandusky.  I don’t want to hear about how many kids he helped get educations either.  He didn’t bring kids off the streets to get educations.  He brought stud athletes to get educations.  Michigan, Ohio State, USC, etc…  Were doing the same thing.  They just weren’t running a child abuse ring.

With the loss of Blake Griffin the U.S. team just got stronger.  The Brow is going to be a star in London.

Roddy White is Twitter gold.  His Tweets are definitive proof the NFL has a concussion problem.

The Dodgers start the 2nd half with Matt Kemp and Andre Either healthy and the Giants on their heels.  Can they pull away?

I have made a serious life choice today.  I have decided to watch every Nic Cage movie ever made in the hopes that it will make all movies afterwards seem EPIC!

Ronnie Hillman. The new Marshall Faulk?

The PMDL rookie/free agent draft is this weekend and I am looking to secure Andrew Luck and 2 running backs with my first 3 picks.  Maybe David Wilson and Ronnie Hillman.


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