BREAKING: Jumbo passes on Luck twice, falls to Phil at 6th


The Annual Purple Monkey Dynasty League Rookie Draft was held today, and it will forever go down in infamy. Charles “Jumbo” Copeland held the 3rd and 5th overall picks, had two opportunities to draft Andrew Luck, but passed.

Phil Young was the beneficiary of Jumbo’s stupidity, grabbing Luck at 6th overall. Here’s how it went down:

Tommy: Trent Richardson

Tommy: Doug Martin

Charlie: Justin Blackmon (!?!?!)

Tommy: RGIII

Charlie: Michael Floyd (LOL!)

Phil: Andrew Luck (THANKS MORON!!)

We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Jumbo was apparently late for the draft and claimed his picks were made by the computer. However, the fact that Blackmon and Floyd were automatically selected rather than Luck means that he set a pre-draft list that had both WR’s ranked over Luck.


5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Jumbo passes on Luck twice, falls to Phil at 6th

  1. I have no regrets about not getting Luck. Ronnie Hillman is the man I am upset I missed.
    Yes, Luck was not on my list because I made it before Tommy made his moves to cause Luck to fall to me. Would I have taken Luck it I was there? Yes. Do I regret not getting him? No.
    P.S. If all it takes is for me to make mistakes for you guys to post on the site then I am all for it.

  2. I merely temporarily crossed the picket line in order to ridicule management. We, the writers of the Sports Dump, now recommence our strike. “Pay us what you owe us, for all times you hoed us.”

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