The Morning Dump: 7/17/12

Where are you at Red Bull?  After a wonderful evening hanging with the Columbia Christenberry’s and putting down Modelos and awesome burgers, I need you bad.

Yesterday was the day of the running back with Forte and Rice getting their deals signed.  Rice is worth it, but Forte is not.  MJD can’t be happy.

Over the weekend a number of NFL players were arrested (Bryant, Lynch, Dumervil, Ray), but surprisingly none of them play for the Lions.  I bet Nick Fairly has big plans this weekend.

I like the Mavs’ pickup of O.J. Mayo.  Plus they got him for less than USC did.

The first lady snubbed the Pres on the kiss-cam last night.  That means he is smoking again.

Justin Verlander has a “Upton Girl”.  Check it out.

I think Kevin Harvick is just mad at Amber Cope because that is what his wife used to look like in her firesuit or it could be just that she drives very slow.




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