The Morning Dump: 7/19/12 – Substitute Dump Edition

Good morning class, I’ll be your substitute today. I hope your dump will be efficient and enjoyable. There will no baseball talk here, so get over it. Please minimize the back talk, I don’t want to call your parents.

Oh so now Dwight Howard says he’ll sign with the Lakers long term if traded there. Who wants to bet that she he will change his mind if actually traded there?

In other Lakers news, Antawn Jamison accepted the veteran’s minimum to chase a ring in L.A. with Kobe, Nash and ________. Good signing on the cheap for a team that needs bench scoring badly. Jamison actually scored 17 PPG last season in Cleveland.

The Philadelphia Flyers have lost their mind(s). Nevermind the fact that the NHL owners are out asking for 5 year maximum term contracts, no signing bonuses and a lower salary cap in CBA negotiations. Despite that, Flyers decide to offer Shea Weber in excess of $100 million over 14(!) years. Flyers need a top D-Man but this is just insane. It should be noted that Nashville would get 4 1st round picks from Philly if they choose not to match.

Speaking of the CBA… LOL @ THE NHL OWNERS – Please don’t screw the season up though, seriously. Revenue sharing belongs on the table in all of this. It’s really the only way.

DE Cliff Avril of the Detroit Lions isn’t happy with his franchise tender of $10 Mil and says he might just skip training camp. I don’t blame him, these players have to get money while they can.

Giants OL Chris Snee says he wants 8 more rings. In other news, I would like to win the lottery 8 times. Thanks.

I honestly did not the Open Championship started this morning. But hey, Tiger did well with a 67 and some Aussie named Adam Scott tied a course record with a round of 64.

NASCAR and other sports can still get government funded advertising dollars from the military thanks to the House voting down a bill that would have disallowed it. Good news for the business of sports. Bad news for those that are trying to cut spending in  Washington. I’m indifferent.


I’ll leave you with the inevitable Pedo-Bear at the JoePa statue. Just tear it down already. I wonder if the PSU fans are all dumb enough to think it was just a weird looking lion cub and that’s why he wasn’t immediately assaulted and beaten down while chanting “WE ARE.”


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 7/19/12 – Substitute Dump Edition

  1. What are all of those blue colored letters?

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