The Morning Dump: 7/20/12

Thank you Phil for the help yesterday but your regular dumper is back and fully recovered from an attempt at TacoMac’s 6lb Burrito.  Did I finish it you ask?  One black bean short.

Some familiar names on top of the British Open leaderboard after the first round.  Adam Scott and Tiger Woods benefited from the great weather early yesterday.

Is anyone surprised about Troy Polamalu’s admission of hiding concussions?

Do not get into a home plate collision with 18-year-old Diamondbacks prospect Stryker Trahan.  You will lose.

The Washington Nationals cut Rick Ankiel yesterday.  It was his birthday.

I looks like UNC’s Hakeem Nicks was ineligible for the entire 2008 season.  The famed UNC tutor program strikes again.

I am not really sure why the IOC denied Israel’s request to honor the victims of the 1972 Munich terror attacks with a moment of silence, but NBC’s Bob Costas is planning on honoring them letting everyone know that the IOC denied the request and then observing it anyway.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the horrific shooting last night at a viewing of The Dark Knight Rises.  14 dead and many more injured.  Very sad.





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