UFC lost last night and Boxing won. It wasn’t even close.

There are not many ways to put it other than saying last night’s UFC 149 STUNK!  The card was cursed by injuries to several fighters leading up to it and the replacement fighters did little to show they belonged on the card.  This was also the most vocal I have ever seen Dana White post-fight.  He apologized to the fans and promised to bring better cards to the table.  That was good and all Dana, but what about the $55 they paid for this crap on PPV or the poor souls who watched it live.  Maybe some refunds or a promise to return to Calgary again would be a step in the right direction.  I am not saying the UFC is done or anything like that, but the last 3 PPV events have been weak on action.  Trending the wrong way.

The one thing that saved the UFC last night was the prefims on FX.  Check out Ryan Jimmo’s UFC record 7 sec knockout in his UFC debut.  Best robot in fighting.


HBO’s Boxing After Dark last night had 2 of the best young American fighters on the card and they performed under the lights.

If you missed seeing Floyd Mayweather in his early 20’s, you need to check out Adrien Broner.  After weighing in at 133.5lb for the 130lb fight, the 22-year-old Adrien Broner lost his title but dominated Vicente Escobedo until Escobedo’s trainer waived the towel in the 5th.  The smaller Escobedo just couldn’t hang with the bigger Broner and his lack of power showed.  Broner is done with the Jr. Lightweights and is making his move up to 135lb.  A fight with John Molina or Hank Lundy would be a good step before he gets one of the top-tier Mexican fighters at the top of the division.

The undercard gave us 18-0(17ko) Keith Thurman vs. Orlando Lora.  Lora was outmatched from the start, but showed the chin that Mexican fighters are known for in taking loads of leather from Thurman.  Thurman stayed on him full-time until Lora’s corner and Lora had seen enough in the 6th.  The 23-year-old Thurman is poised to step into the ring with some of the division’s top talent sooner than later.



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