The Morning Dump: 7/23/12

I hope you all feel better than Adam Scott does this morning.  I bet he didn’t sleep too good last night, but I love the Ernie Els win more and more each time I think about it.  He’s a great guy who deserved one more major victory.

Congrats to Ron Santo and Barry Larkin on getting into Cooperstown.  I wish Santo could have been alive to see his induction.  Who knows why it took so long?  Class move by Larkin to thank Pete Rose in his speech.  As a lifetime Red he knows what Rose meant to the game.

Bradley Wiggens won the Tour de France and no one in the U.S. noticed.  At least we won’t have to see Wiggens riding shirts holding up traffic.

The NCAA is making a mistake with Penn State.  What will their punishment do?

Bring it Michelle Jenneke…  Bring it on!

Nice to see Peyton Manning and the other Broncos reaching out to the victims of the Colorado shooting.

The NBA is about to become the first of the 4 majors sports franchises to put sponsors on the jerseys.  I think it’s a great move.

Why is it taking so long for NASCAR to run Allmendinger’s 2nd drug test?  If he tests clean, it really doesn’t seem fair.



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