A Quick Ten: The Top 10 Male Tennis Players of All Time

This is for my girl Val in Columbia, SC.  She loves her some tennis.

10.  Ivan Lendl, 8 Grand Slams in 19 Grand Slam finals.  Plus he has 94 titles to go with a name that sounds like a villain from an 80’s movie.

9.  Jimmy Conners, 8 Grand Slams and 109 titles put the American on the list.  Became an unlicensed dentist when he retired.

Has anyone seen my wig?

8.  Andre Agassi,  Has a Golden Slam under his belt (4 Slams and Olympic Gold), plus rocked a wig for much of his career.  Loses points for the losing the wig and Brooke Shields.

7.  John McEnroe,  The bad boy gets #7, but if he is asking I got him at #1.  Mr Deeds kept him out of the top 5.

6.  Bjorn Borg,  The only reason Lebron James wears the headband (besides baldness) is because from his early childhood he watched old grainy French Opens and idolized Borg.  Read Lebron’s book, it’s in there.

5.  Rafael Nadal,  Only the 2nd player to win the Golden Slam and holds the record for most French Opens with 7.  Most women who watch tennis only watch in the hopes that he will win and pull off his shirt.  @tomturnitup does the same.

4.  Rod Laver,  Led tennis into the Open Era and won all 4 Slams in a season in 1969.  Laver was a small man who retired in 1971 to become Kylie Monoque.  Both are Australian and 5’2″, so until someone disproves it I am sticking to the facts.

3.  Roger Federer,  With 17 Grand Slams and a record 288 weeks at #1 in the world, Federer is among the greats.  He is a big fan of astronomy and has named 34,745 stars.  They are all named Roger Federer.

2.  Pete Sampras,  Winner of 14 Grand Slams and known for his all-over court play, Sampras is one of the greatest of all time.  Just not the greatest.

Take your Grand Slams boys. I’m good.

1.  Andy Roddick,  1 Grand Slam Title and Brooklyn Decker.  Who can match the hardware?


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