Penn State’s Most Wanted

Unless Bill O’Brien is able to pull off a miracle, it looks like some pretty high level free agents are going to be hitting the open college football market.  Due to the penalties brought down by the NCAA, all current players at Penn State will be able to walk away and join any team and not have to wait a year.  Though no current players have announced, we will go ahead and spotlight some of the most sought after.

Jordan Hill (47)

Jordan Hill, DT, senior:  Who wants one of the Big Ten’s top D-Lineman?  Big time talent that will fit on any roster and produce on the spot.  He is a PA native and a senior so he may not walk, but if he does, any other Big10 team is a good fit.

Bill Belton, RB, sophomore:  Though undersized, Belton is most electric player on the Penn State roster.  He is expected to take some of the load at RB this season after getting reps as the Wildcat QB.  Florida, Ohio State or Arizona would be great fits.

Eugene Lewis, WR, freshman:  I’m amazed that this kid has not already announced he is leaving, but he seems to be leaning towards staying.  The cream of O’Brien’s first recruiting class can play anywhere and has ACC schools, Virgina Tech and N.C. State calling hard.

Silas Redd (25)

Silas Redd, RB, junior:  Here is the beast of this whole deal.  Redd is a bona-fide stud and can start and star for any school in the nation.  He could stay, but I think it’s USC then the NFL for this kid.

There are many more players that are being sought by schools, but these guys are the best available.


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