The Morning Dump: 7/26/12

Is it just me or do they start the Olympics before the opening ceremony every year?  I don’t think I have ever noticed it before?

Nice political gaff by the National Olympic Committee yesterday by putting the South Korean flag up when introducing the North Korean women’s soccer team.  The team walked off the field and delayed the start for about an hour.  Medal Count: 0  Hasty Apologies: 1

With the Phillies signing of Cole Hamels for 6 years/ $144m, I think the Phils are going to move Cliff Lee to a playoff contender (Rangers or Dodgers) and not lose him to free agency in the offseason.

The business of boxing just got a big boost by 50 Cent taking over as Floyd Mayweather’s promoter.  50 Cent already has a promoter’s license in New York, has applied for one in Nevada.  He will be joining TMT Promotions and will bring on more boxers to Mayweather’s group.  This move is a hit to Golden Boy Promotions, who have promoted Mayweather in the past.  Will this move help get the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight?  I hope so.

If you are a fan of wrestling, you need to check out the Virgilbag on Deadspin.  Great stories about wrestling fan interactions with their favorite stars.  I love it.

Ronda Rousey is training Carmen Electra to rip arms off producers that do not give her acting jobs without needing to first see her with her top off.

What’s going on with my boy Kevin Love on Team U.S.A.?  He is dropping down that roster’s depth chart fast.


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