Hey Sean May, Why Did You Change Majors?

The University of North Carolina has been embroiled in an NCAA scandal involving: rogue agents, illegal benefits, rogue tutors, plagiarized papers, rogue coaches, fake classes, rogue faculty, fake majors, rogue players, fake departments, rogue professors, fake degrees, etc. However, up until this point the holy grail of UNC, men’s basketball, has escaped criticism. That is, until now.

Today, Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead published an article that asked some very interesting questions. Specifically, who is Wayne Walden and what did he have to do with the African American Studies program? and, Why did UNC basketball players stop majoring in this degree?
If we look all the way back to 2005, Roy William’s first National Championship season at UNC, you’ll find some interesting things. First, seven members of the team majored in African American Studies, a program that has shown to be fraudulent. Most notably, Sean May, who had a few things to say about his decision to change his major from communications to the aforementioned African American Studies.

Afro-American and African studies, May said, offered “more independent electives, independent study. I could take a lot of classes during the season. Communications, I had to be there in the actual classroom.”

Well, we can’t have that can we? Sean May had more important things to do during the season than be bothered with silly classes.

Let’s also not forget that Roy Williams is no Saint when it comes to the NCAA. He placed the University of Kansas on probation before bolting for North Carolina back in 2004.

The UNC Football program was already hit with NCAA penalties last season, but this scandal is refusing to go away. Coach Williams has insisted that this is not a basketball issue, but there’s an awful lot of smoke coming from his general direction.
As of today, there’s nothing there. But plenty of people are still digging and seem to be finding more questions than answers when it comes to the basketball programs involvement. Will they be able to escape the wrath of the NCAA?


15 thoughts on “Hey Sean May, Why Did You Change Majors?

  1. Uh… those comments from Sean May were about him taking classes during the NBA season. Not college season, nice job trying to spin things though!

    • He was still a major in African American Studies while in school, along with 6 of his teammates in 2005. The question is, who was directing players to this degree and why did they stop doing so after 2009?

      • Sean May said that he changed his major AFTER he left for the NBA, the quote your are “referencing” even says as much, you conveniently forgot to include that little tid bit, or you didn’t actually read the entire report and still have no idea. You either need to do a better job of research, or stop trying to mislead readers or misconstrue facts. And make sure you actually know what was said before you try to argue with someone about it. Stop using biased off-shoot reports with cherry picked “facts” as your sources and you will come across as less of an incompetent buffoon who is simply parrotting others and more of someone who has ideas of his own.

        And to answer your question… Did you actually go to college? Do you realize that there was a total of maybe 1 or 2 AFAM majors declared after 2005? And players like Sean May and Marvin Williams on those teams “declared” those majors AFTER they left for the NBA. Marvin is still working on this degree. Again, if you had done your OWN research, with any sort of due diligence, you would’ve actually found this out on your own, instead of just glancing at a table from the Indy Star. And if you did do your OWN research, with any sort of due diligence and just choose to ignore these facts, then you are partaking in dishonest journalism.

    • So what you’re saying is that UNC is offering fake classes to players, even after they leave school? That actually makes sense considering Roy’s history of providing illegal benefits to players after they graduate.

  2. But then again, you’re right, we should definitely expect NBA players to be in the classroom during the season if they are trying to get their degrees.

  3. Please provide accurate details about what that ‘crook’ Roy Williams did to get KU put on probation. Oh wait, I remember. He sent a student a suit after the student graduated. Shame on that convict! Off with his head!

    • That’s an interesting way to look at it. And by interesting, I mean incredibly naive.

      • So what you’re saying is that you have read the actual NCAA report and that you wouldn’t mind quoting it here? Since you have read the actual document, I’m sure you realize that the one thing Roy Williams did was only a minor part of KU’s problems.

      • Here’s more information on this subject if you’re interested. I searched for the NCAA document for a while but never found it. The search engine on their site is not very specific, and I don’t have time to go through over 1,000 pages of results. If you can find it, I would like to have a copy of it.

        I was wrong about Roy giving one player a suit. It was 3 players.

        The cash some players received after their eligibility was exhausted is explained too if you’re interested in the truth.. Man, those checks were whoppers!

        Also, you might note that KU’s probation was due to infractions by the football team, the basketball team under Bill Self, the women’s basketball team, and the basketball team under Roy Williams. In other words, to say that Roy Williams got KU on probation is misleading to say the least.

        Kansas Releases Self-Report To NCAA – Men’s Basketball: http://www.kuathletics.com/genrel/071505aan.html

        Kansas Releases Self-Report To NCAA:

    • Ok, so you admit Roy committed NCAA violations and contributed to their getting on probation. Remind me, what exactly it is you’re taking issue with? Sounds like the hit dog is hollering.

      • Here’s the main thing that I take issue with. Read your second sentence in the following quote. If you don’t see the problem with that statement by now, I’m wasting my time attempting to discuss it with you.

        “Let’s also not forget that Roy Williams is no Saint when it comes to the NCAA. He placed the University of Kansas on probation before bolting for North Carolina back in 2004.”

        And that isn’t the only thing you’ve exaggerated (to put it kindly) in your article. Obviously, accurate journalism isn’t the goal here though.

        As I said before, what Roy did was a minor part of what placed KU on probation, and then I provided you with details to support that statement. I doubt you even read the two documents that I linked for you. The truth isn’t that important if it doesn’t support your agenda, is it?

        Carry on. It’s entertaining even though only partially accurate.

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