The Morning Dump: 7/30/12

Up early and watching some women’s beach volleyball.  Not a bad way to wake up.

Where will Josh Beckett, Josh Johnson, James Shields, Ryan Dempster and Jonathon Broxton end up?  They are the 5 top pitchers available for the trade deadline.  The Red Sox really want to move Beckett and are willing to eat a lot of his salary to do it.

I think Ben Tate hired the nutritionist that has convinced Arian Foster that he should go vegan.  I might have to change my AFC title pick because of this.  There is no way a vegan can lead his team to a Super Bowl.

Jerry Jones longs for the “Glory Hole” days of yesterday.  Nasty.

North Korea’s possible nuclear weapons or crazy leadership doesn’t scare me as much as their freakishly strong 9-year-olds.

Jimmie Johnson gets his 4th Brickyard victory and Dale Jr. takes over the points lead.  Not a bad day for Hendrick Racing yesterday.






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