The Morning Dump: 8/1/12

I can’t believe it’s August already.  I can smell the football and hear the concussions in the air.

Michael Phelps got his 19th medal (15 Gold) yesterday and will go down as the greatest Olympian in history.

Silas Redd has decided to leave Penn State and sign with USC.  It’s a move the kid had to make and I hope he doesn’t get too much grief over it.  He was a leader of that program and I think that means more may leave now.

The Newest Ranger, Ryan Dempster

After the trade deadline, it looks like the A.L. West and N.L. West are the power divisions in baseball.  All 4 teams got stronger and set themselves up for a World Series run.

Justin Blackmon is the one unsigned 1st round pick left and it shows how incompetent the Jacksonville Jaguars are.

The World Badminton Federation is weighing discipline for 4 teams who appeared to throw Olympic matches in the prelims on their way to the elimination rounds.  The #1 ranked Chinese team lost so they would not have to play the #2 ranked Chinese team until the final and the South Korean team took a dive so they would face a lower seed team.

I am not an expert but if a judge’s face looks like this after you stick your landing on the vault,  YOU SHOULD GET A PERFECT SCORE!!  Get those East Germans off the judge’s table.

The Titans signed Kendall Wright before he got anymore leverage against them.  Arrest, injuries and suicide will deplete a WR core.

NASCAR is looking into eliminating the top 35 rule and putting a premium on speed in getting in the race.  They need to do something to get people into the sport and I think it’s a step in the right direction.  The sport is so boring that our NASCAR writer quit writing about it.




One thought on “The Morning Dump: 8/1/12

  1. So Redd goes from one school on probation to another? Kids, no matter what your parents say it pays to cheat. Nice work NCAA.

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