The Morning Dump: 8/2/12

In the wake of the badminton scandal and the Japanese women’s soccer coach admitting he told his team not to win, I think that all Olympic events should be knockout events.  This is not the athletes fault.  This is a product of the Olympic rules.  Pool play should be eliminated.

I love how the IOC will not refund any tickets from the “Fixed” badminton matches.  They played bad enough to piss off the IOC but not enough to get your cash back.

The track and field events are getting going this weekend and those are the ones I really enjoy watching.  I predict no individual golds for Bolt.  Yohan Blake can fly.

What am I watching for in Sunday’s Saints/Cardinals Hall of Fame game?  Nick Toon, Ryan Williams, Michael Floyd and the Saints D.

The PA man for the Daytona Cubs was ejected after playing “Three Blind Mice” after the ump made a questionable call.  If you want to rib an ump you have to do it a little more subtle.  Play some Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder.

Bryce Harper rocked his “Suns Out, Guns Out” shirt for his meeting with Rock/Blues Legend George Thorogood.  This kid is clutch.

Paulina Gretzky has her fathers number “99” tattooed on her pelvis.  ???  Why would you get that tatoo there?  Weird spot to honor you father.


Tiger Woods is going to bring home his 4th win of the year at this week’s WGC at Firestone.  Then get hyped up for the PGA Championship and falter on the weekend.

Wisconsin RB and Heisman contender, Montee Ball was assaulted by 5 men in an unprovoked attack.  The police are looking into a motive but I am blaming the SEC.  They beat up on the Big10 every chance they get.

The only reason I haven’t won a gold medal is because I can’t afford the $9k tax bill.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 8/2/12

  1. I thought the 99 tattoo was the price of admission

    • Could be. I think the over/under is 99 guys who have seen the “99” in action.

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