What if American Football was an Olympic sport? Gold Medals 4-Life

I know it will never happen because we already have proven to the world we are the greatest country ever on the field of play, but what would Team USA Football look like.

QB:  Drew Bress,  The best there ever was would be holding his 6th son on the podium with the gold medal around his neck.

RB:  Ray Rice,  Would be the closest thing to bowling in the Olympics.  Just running wild through the 200 lb Brazilian D-Line.

WR:  Calvin Johnson,  Megatron would send countries in to hiding and make North Korea hit the nukes.

WR:  Larry Fitzgerald,  Fitz would bring any late night shenanigans to a halt.

WR:  DeSean Jackson,  Pure Speed.

TE:  Jimmy Graham,  Gronk would cause too much damage in the Olympic village with its loose views on sex.  Swimmers, runners and gymnasts would be dropping out due to injury at an exceptional pace.

OT:  Joe Thomas, Jake Long

OG:  Carl Nicks, Jahri Evans

C:  Maurkice Pouncey

Defense:  Who cares?  These guys could play both ways and rock any nation on the field.

USA vs. Japan 200-0

USA vs. Great Britain 150-0

USA vs. Belgium 14-13  I think Belgium has the makings of a sneaky good football team.


2 thoughts on “What if American Football was an Olympic sport? Gold Medals 4-Life

  1. What, were Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady too busy to play for the Olympic team?

    • Brady will be a Brazilian by then and Rodgers isn’t suited for the international game.

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