Getting ready for HBO’s Hard Knocks tonight, with the story of the first all-access pass to training camp.

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With the seventh season of HARD KNOCKS premiering tonight, The Vault Keeper undertakes an expedition into the darker recesses of the NFL Films vault in search of the possible origins of the popular HBO training camp series. He unearths BIRTH OF THE BUCS, a film that provided the first all-access pass to one team’s summer camp – a team that turned out to be the worst in NFL history.     

 Easy to Be HARD

 When HARD KNOCKS kicks off its seventh season tonight on HBO, the popular award-winning series will present NFL training camp life using the same creative flourishes that have made the show so successful, especially the gorgeous cinematography, the tightly-edited practice montages accompanied by original music, and the live sound from drills, players’ off-field activities, and coaches’ meetings.  Although the series was inspired by reality TV shows such as SURVIVOR and THE GREAT RACE, HARD KNOCKS has…

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