What Kind of Bastard Would Taint the Great Sport of Race Walking?

The defending 50k race walking gold medalist, Alex Schwazer has been booted from the London Olympics for testing positive for EPO.  The drug erythropoietin raises red blood cell production, which in turn makes you more delicious to vampires and helps your body convert more oxygen.  It’s science…  Look it up.  That is not what is important. 

What is important is that millions of children around the world will now know that if you want to be a fast walker, you must take drugs to do it.  It’s a sad, sad world.  Thank you for ruining race walking, Alex Schwazer.

Here is a question for you all. 

Would you rather be booted from the Olympics for doping or would you rather pass out and crap yourself during your event?

Kick me out please.

Also, I can’t believe the move kids do around the pool has become an Olympic sport.


Put your 2 cents in

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