Ashton Eaton Leads The Decathlon After Day 1 By 220 Points

The battle for the greatest athlete in the world is no longer a battle.  Because after Eaton’s dominant day 1, day 2 will be a victory lap.  Eaton started fast in the first event, the 100 meter dash by breaking a 44-year-old Olympic record.  His next event was the long jump, Eaton was not able to match his world record jump from the trails, but he was good enough for first by nearly half a meter.  After an 11th place finish in his  worst event, the shot put, Eaton bounced back with a 2nd in the high jump.  If there was any doubt that Eaton was going to run away with the gold, it was put to rest when he won the 400 meters by a full second.

So after the 1st day’s 5 events, Ashton Eaton is at 4,661 pts (67 pts behind his world record pace), with a shot at breaking his own world record on day 2.  If you want to follow live, you can check it out on

Day 2 Events and Times:

6. 110-meter hurdles 4:00am

7.  Discus 4:55am

8.  Pole Vault 7:55am

9.  Javelin 1:30pm

10.  1500-meters 4:20pm


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