NFL Preseaon: What To Watch For Tonight

The Saints and Cardinals gave us our first taste of NFL football on Sunday, but tonight we get a full plate of games.  We got 6 preseason games scheduled tonight and all 12 teams have some great developments to look for.

Redskins vs. Bills

1.  RG3 will play about 15-20 snaps tonight and we all want to see how pro ready the #2 overall pick is.  The Bills rush of Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus should test him and the Redskins O-Line.

2.  Who is going to be the starting running back in Washington?  Will it be Evan Royster or Roy Helu?  Will Tim Hightower bounce back from his knee injury and reclaim the #1 spot?  I think Royster has the edge but with Shanahan, who knows.

3.  The Buffalo Bills’ defense looks to be much improved over last year.  Stephon Gilmore looks like the real deal and the D-Line should give teams trouble.  I think they have a chance to make the playoffs.

Falcons vs. Ravens

1.  How is Joe Flacco progressing?  I have heard he is having a great camp and looks very impressive.  Can he take a team that was one dropped pass from the Super Bowl to the big time?

2.  Do the Falcons open it up?  They have got the weapons to score points, but the key for them is to fix the predictability of the offense.  I believe Dirk Koetter can and will do that. 

3.  Both these Ds have some age on them.  The Ravens have Hall of Fame age, but the Falcons just have age.  The Ravens can’t take a step back and the Falcons need to step up for both these teams to be successful.

Eagles vs. Steelers

1.  The emotion return to the field after the death of his son will be big for Andy Reid and the rest of the Eagles.

2.  Todd Haley and Isaac Redman are a match made in heaven.  I think that the new O-Line additions and Haley’s play calling with make the Steelers offense very strong this season.

3.  How will the Steelers receivers look tonight?

Packers vs. Chargers

1.  Has the Packers defense improved enough to get them back to the Super Bowl?  We will see how they do tonight against a Chargers offense that can score some points.

2.  Can Phillip Rivers bounce back from his worst season as a pro?  I want to see how he looks tonight before I call last year a mirage.

3.  Randall Cobb needs to be in the Packers starting lineup.  He is the most exciting player on that team and Donald Driver is done.  When will the Packers make that move?

Broncos vs. Bears

1.  The Broncos have a new QB and we all want to see how Brock Osweiler looks tonight. 

2.  I am bummed Ronnie Hillman isn’t 100% for tonight because I wanted to see him.  It is only a matter of weeks before he is the guy in Denver.

3.  Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler are together again and I think it gives the Bears the firepower to win the NFC North.

Saints vs. Patriots

1.  The Saints defense looked very solid on Sunday, but that was against the Kevin Kolb led Cardinals.  Tonight they get a real test in New England.

2.  Who will be the starting running back in New England?  Ridley looks the part, but Belichick will play Ridley, Woodhead and Vareen all year.

3.  Nothing Else!  Just going to watch my Saints.


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