The Morning Dump: 8/9/12

Watched Piranha DD last night.  Not very good, but my 16-year-old self would have loved it.

Lebron James collected USA Basketball’s 1st triple-double in the win over Australia yesterday.  Plus no junk punches were thrown.

As much as their pitching worries me, I think the Yankee bats can carry them to a World Series.  I am just not feeling Texas or Anaheim now.

Congrats to May-Treanor/Walsh-Jennings on their 3rd gold medal, but I am very said that this year’s beach volleyball is over.  Only 1,451 days until Rio 2016.

Chicago Bears legend, Gale Sayers had a pretty emotional reaction when asked about the Saints bounty scandal.  As a player whose career was cut short by injury, the thought of players trying to injure players angers him.  I also feel he is a little naive.

Can the U.S. women get their revenge on Japan today or will Japan become the first country to win the World Cup and Olympics in back-to-back years?  The women’s soccer final of Japan and USA is at 2:45pm today.

After Team USA boxing crapped out of the Olympics, the future doesn’t look good.  Chris Mannix breaks down the outlook for Team USA.

Nice work by the Carolina Hurricanes in locking up Jeff Skinner for 6 more years.  At 21-years-old he can be the cornerstone of the franchise and help get them back in the NHL spotlight.  I look forward to seeing them play this season.  Not much hockey in Columbia.

Ashton Eaton had the worst discus throw of the group today, but is still in 1st place with 3 events to go.  If he can put in decent performances in the pole vault, javelin and 1500-meters, the gold is his.  He is off his world record pace though.


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