The Morning Dump: 8/13/12

The Olympics are over and the U.S.A. let the entire world know that we are the best there ever was by winning 104 medals and landing on Mars.  See you losers in Rio.

What a year for Lebron James and Anthony Davis with winning a NBA title, NCAA title and a gold medal.

“But the United States knew one thing only, gold or bust, bitch.”– Doug Collins.  You do your thing Mr. Collins.

In winning the PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy gets his 2nd major at 23-years joining Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as the only ones to do so.

Goodbye, Chad Johnson.

Air Jaws Apocalypse was legit. #SharkWeek

This is what NASCAR needs.  With ratings falling each week, I think an oil slick on the final lap of each race will bring the fans back.  Will it piss off drivers?  Sure, but pissed off drivers are ratings gold.  Congrats to Marcos Ambrose for being the one who could hold the track enough to get the win.

Do you want to know the best game in each week of the college football schedule?

With Manny Machado, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, there are some pretty good young hitters making a mark in the majors today.  They will be fun to watch.

Colts fans have to be happy with what they saw from Andrew Luck’s 1st NFL action.  He moved good in the pocket and looked very confident.


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