The Morning Dump: 8/14/12

Last night I made my last trip to the Public House for Modelos and Spicy Teriyaki wings before my move back to NC and I am feeling it this morning.

Michael Phelps seems to be enjoying his retirement after tweeting out this pic of his fishing conquest.

LA state police have found no evidence of wiretapping or eavesdropping in the Superdome and have ended their investigation of the Saints and Mickey Loomis.  I believe it was just another fabricated story reported as news by ESPN, much like the Bernie Fine allegations.

When I watch preseason games I picture Ed Hochuli and Mark Baltz sitting at home and screaming at the replacement officials.  Yelling things like, “Nice no call!, Just because there is holding on every play doesn’t mean you have to call it., SCAB!!!!”.  I don’t see the NFL holding out too long and the regular refs will be back in time for Week 1.

Deion Sanders has given his school, the Prime Prep Academy a new mascot.  Get ready for the Prime Prep Academy “Winning”.  I have never rooted against anything as much as I will be rooting against the Prime Prep Academy Winning this high school football season.

The USPS is getting some heat for their Joe DiMaggio stamp because it seems to show him swinging left-handed.  Have no fear Yankee fans, it’s just Joe’s backswing.

I think the Washington Nationals have handled the Strasburg innings limit situation very poorly.  I don’t understand why they didn’t give him some time off, maybe miss a start once a month or just bring him out of games earlier.  They may not have their best pitcher for the playoffs because of their mis-management.




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