You’ve Got It Wrong IOC, Nadzeya Ostapchuk Is As Clean As They Come.

On Monday, Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus became the 1st female athlete to be stripped of a medal from the London games.  Apparently the IOC says they found traces of the steroid metenolone in her post competition drug test.  I cry foul on the IOC.  What about Nadzeya would make you think that she is NOT a 100% natural female athlete?  I am sick and tired of the IOC picking on Nadzeya.  Is it her Adam’s apple?  Was it because she took the urine test standing up?  Who knows, but the IOC obviously has some sort of hidden vendetta against the great country of Belarus and their beautiful female athletes.  Demand a re-test and stand your ground, Nadzeya.  Claim you accidentally ingested enough testosterone to make Kate Upton appear manly.  Swear it was sabotage by Belarus’ sworn enemy Latvia.  Just fight!  The Sports Dump is behind you 100%.


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