The Morning Dump: 8/15/12

Dump-Diddy-Dump-Dump, Dump-Dump!

Hard Knocks delivered on the drama last night.  I really like Joe Philbin and I hope he is a succesful NFL head coach.

The Red Sox players are right.  I can’t believe he is expecting so much from his $175 mil payroll.  What does he expect from Pedroia and Gonzalez?  Does he expect them to play like their All-Star contracts?  He expects Lester and Beckett to pitch quality innings and not implode on the mound.  I heard he even pushed them to work harder off the field.  Bobby Valentine is ruthless.

UCLA’s top basketball recruit, Shabazz Muhammad will not travel to China for the Bruin’s preseason games due to the NCAA looking into improper benefits.

4 athletes from the Congo have joined the Cameroon 7 in not returning to their African country post Olympics.  What, they don’t like child solders and killer gorillas?  I am surprised it has only been 11 athletes so far.

How much in panic mode are the Chicago Bears’ fans?  Your team was crippled by the injuries last year and your leader, Brian Urlacher is already broken-down.

Why have their not been 90 Sleep Number beds delivered to Giants training camp?  If I am a Sleep Number exec, I am using this as one of the truly great advertising opportunities ever.  The Giants players say the mattress’ at Albany College suck.  Guess what?  Sleep Number fixed it.  BOOM!

Declan Crosbie

You have to respect Declan Crosbie’s game.  He sick sneaky game.  Mr. Crosbie was caught by the Chinese swimmers in London looking over the bathroom stall at the swimmers changing.  When confronted, Declan hid in the stall and answered in a women’s voice.  Sick Sneaky Game!

SI’s Thomas Lake thinks Michael Jordan should help his old high school coach.   I think Pop should get help seeking social services and medical help to cope with this mental illness and alcoholism.  That’s not Jordan’s job.  How people has Pop coached?  Hundreds?  Why is no one else helping him?  Maybe he can’t be helped.


3 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 8/15/12

  1. I would have chosen the Australian Women’s team over China’s…

    • He was probably waiting for the Australian team but couldn’t help himself when the Asian ladies showed up.

    • Naw, I think Chinese girls are cute. Those Aussie chicks are too mannish.

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