Charles “The NFL’s Newest Replacement Official” Copeland

I got the great news today that my application was accepted by the NFL and I will begin my career as a replacement official on Saturday night in New York.  I was a little surprised at how easy it was to get hired, but I figure the NFL wouldn’t risk the safety of the players with unqualified officials.  I have included my application and my acceptance letter from the NFL. 


Acceptance letter

 P.S. – They already told me the score of the Giants/Jets game, so if you gamblers out there want some action it will be 27-17 Giants.


2 thoughts on “Charles “The NFL’s Newest Replacement Official” Copeland

  1. For the last time, THAT WAS A EURO-STEP!!!!

  2. I got it right then and I got it right now. No steps between the driveway crack and the basket is a travel and will always be a travel.

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