A.J. Rotonde Should Be An Inspiration To Us All

While watching Gabby “The Flying Squirrel” Douglas win the all around gold at the London games, A.J. Rotonde had a brilliant idea.  Instead of filling up with American pride that we showed the world our 80 lb women could flip better than theirs, Mr. Rotonde saw $$$.  On 8/6 the Fordham business student filed a patent on “Flying Squirrel” with the United States Patent Office.  So go out and buy those Flying Squirrel T-Shirts and posters.  A.J. has some college loans to pay off.

My 5-Step-Fool-Proof-Plan to copy A.J.

1.  Research the athletes for the 2016 Rio games.

2.  Create and patent nicknames for 10 athletes destined for greatness.

3.  Go to Rio Olympics.

4.  Yell the nicknames so loud that they will be heard on the NBC feed and other people will start yelling them.



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