What Time Is It? MESSI TIME!!!

The 2012-2013 La Liga season will feature 20 teams and hundreds of footballers, but we at The Sports Dump only really care for 1 of them…  The Greatest Soccer Player In The World Lionel Messi.

Coming of the greatest season ever (73 goals, 50 in league play), Messi has set a personal goal of 148 goals for this year and I don’t think anybody other than a senile Pele doubts he can hit it.  I know there are 18 teams and their millions of fans that think this season will not be about Messi and Ronaldo but they are dead wrong.  All the other games are just warm ups to the prime matchup (El Clasico) of Messi’s FC Barcelona and Ronaldo’s Real Madrid.

El Clasico Dates: 10/7/12 and 3/3/13

FC Barcelona’s La Liga 12-13 Schedule

So be ready to handle your own disasters world, because Messi is going to be busy breaking records on the pitch and in the bedroom he has nicknamed The Olympic Village to save you this year.


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