The Morning Dump: 8/21/12

Late start today is due to weaning myself off my 3-a-day Red Bull addiction.  Dragging.

I may be in the minority on this one, but I don’t think that Augusta’s inclusion of women into their club is a sign of women’s rights progress. 

The Eagles got a scare last night with Vick and I would be very worried about their offense this season if he went down.  I have a feeling Tavaris Jackson may make an appearance in Philly soon.

Jacksonville has said it will play 4 “Home” games in London to make the Jaguars an international brand.  Will enough Jacksonville fans even care they are not playing at home?

Roger Clemens will be pitching in the independent league this weekend at 50-years-old.  I could watch Clemens pitch into his 70’s.

Jeff Kent will try to survive the upcoming season of the popular CBS show, Survivor.  I think he will be the first voted off.  His teammates always hated him and the others will to.




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