The Morning Dump: 8/22/12

This is a Foo Fighter morning and I am loving it.

After seeing pics of Prince Harry playing strip billiards in Las Vegas surrounded by naked women, I am mad at my parents for not making me royalty.

Roger Goodell need not stop at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ next time he is in Miami, because he won’t get in.  The restaurant owned by Jonathan Vilma has banned the commish.

The Giants and Dodgers N.L. West race is going to fun to watch down the stretch.

MJD and the Jaguars are still far apart and it looks like they are getting farther.  Shad Khan seems to have no desire to buckle for his team’s star and would rebuild Jacksonville without him.  I hope Khan holds his ground and starts a trend of teams not negotiating with holdouts.

Basketball shoes are  hideous.

Kevin Harvick and crew chief Gil Martin have been reunited for Bristol this weekend.  The 2 have had a number of wins together and this move is in the hopes it will spark Harvick to his first win this season.



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