Billy “Catch Me If You Can” Hamilton

Don’t feel bad if you have never seen Billy Hamilton, because most only see a blur.  Hamilton is the Cincinnati Reds’ minor leaguer with 147 stolen bases so far this season and almost definitely will be making an appearance for the Reds in the playoffs this year.  The stories are out there already.  Hamilton caught a fly ball from his shortstop position on the outfield warning track.  Hamilton tagged up and scored from 3rd base on an infield fly to the 2nd baseman.  Hamilton woke up in the parking lot at spring training to a gunshot and beat to slow white guys barefoot in a 40-yard-dash.  Believe the hype…  It’s all true.

With the Reds in the driver’s seat for the N.L. Central title, Dusty Baker and the Reds organization need to bring up the fastest player ever and put him on their late season roster.  His speed will cause problems for pitchers and he would be an ideal pinch runner.  He can score from 1st on a single and makes almost every single a double and every double a triple.  He is hitting .317 this season in the minors, so he has the talent to get on base on his own.  He causes balks and errors and would be a great addition to their roster this post-season.


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