NFL Preseason Week 3: What To Watch 8/23/12

Packers at Bengals

1.  I have not been impressed with the Packer offense this preseason, but hopefully they will show some life during the most important preseason game.  Look for Aaron Rodgers to get out quick and test the Bengal secondary.

2.  The Bengals got picked apart by Matt Ryan and the Falcons last week, but the D is still projected to be solid.  If they can get a front 4 rush and pressure Rodgers, then they will be very happy with this game.

3.  Who will be the Packer’s week 1 running back?  Cedric Benson and Alex Green are the front-runners for the job.

Jaguars at Ravens

1.  Can Blaine Gabbert continue to impress with his early play?  I think that when/if MJD returns. Gabbert will still be the most important player on the field for Jacksonville.

2.  Justin Blackmon looked very good against the Saints last week and is looking like a real weapon for the Jags.

3.  The younger members of the Ravens D needs to step up and carry some of the load.  Upshaw was embarrassed in he preseason debut and Arthur Jones needs to continue his quality play.

Cardinals at Titans

1.  Will Jake Locker take over this team with solid play and make Hasselback expendable?

2.  Will John Skelton stop the Kevin Kolb talk with his solid play or will he force the Cardinals to make a decision?  I think Skelton will have a great game.

3.  Who is going to protect the QB in Arizona?  With Levi Brown out for the season, Nate Potter needs to step up.


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