The 6’11, 500lb Football Player Is Wasting A Gift From God

John Taylor is wasting his talent with football and it really bothers me.  Ever since the untimely retirement of Tab Thacker (NCSU Legend) in 1989, there hasn’t been a really memorable “Big Man” in the movies.  Tab was the fat equivalent of John Cazale.  Like Cazale, he only appeared in 5 movies, but they were all great.  I know Cazale had Godfather, Godfather II, Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon and The Deer Hunter, but don’t discount Tab’s 2 Police Academy’s and the classic Wildcats.  The man belongs in the conversation with Cazale.

This is where John “House” Taylor steps in.  Why is this man not playing the giant black man in every comedic role that calls for one?  Why is he not going straight to video in Police Academy 8?  Who is his agent?

John, please give me a call and I can make this happen.  You should be staring in movies and not wasting your life as a backup blocker magnet.


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