Get Your Boost On You Crazy Paralympians

On August 29th the Paralympic Games will begin and spinal injury athletes in many events will begin boosting to get an edge.  What is boosting?  Boosting is the practice of injuring yourself to raise your blood pressure and heart rate.  Here are some of the ways paralympic athletes get this done.

– Breaking your toes with a hammer.

– Sitting on a sharp pin.

– Not releasing urine.

– Super tight leg straps.

– Using an electric current to shock your body.

– Sitting on your own scrotum. (My Personal Favorite!)

The big problem I have about this is it’s considered cheating.  How can sitting on your balls to increase your heart rate be cheating?  My feeling is if you can sit on your balls and still shoot a basketball then you deserve the Paralympic Gold Medal. 

So get out there and put your nuts under your legs…  You got a medal to win.


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