LIVESTRONG In Your Naivety

Lance Armstrong has given up his fight against the USADA and will face a lifetime ban and will have his 7 Tour de France titles stripped from him.  I don’t see Armstrong’s giving up on the fight as admission of guilt and you shouldn’t either.  I see the fact that Lance Armstrong was a highly ranked cyclist as an admission of guilt.  Does anybody who how many Tour de France winners have had their victories taken away for doping?  Not as many as should be.  Blood doping is an accepted and common practice in cycling and most, if not all top riders do it.  The fact that the USADA has a selective enforcement process is the problem.  They will only go after athletes they deem to have done something to offend them.  I am taking a stand.  I will never take part in a sporting event that is regulated by the USADA again.


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