The Morning Dump: 8/24/12

UFC 151 has been cancelled because Jon Jones will not accept a replacement opponent.  The UFC light-heavyweight champion Jones, turned down a match with Chael Sonnen after his scheduled opponent Dan Henderson tore his MCL and has to withdraw.  The decision of one of his best fighters to not take a fight has angered UFC Pres Dana White and left many fans and fighters questioning Jones’ toughness.  Boxers and MMA fighters often take replacement fighters on short notice, so Jones’ decision is questionable.  He will fight again in late September and I sincerely hope he gets the shit beat out of him.

After a good chunk of the offseason was devoted to Jim Irsay tweets, the Colts owner got a little jealous that people were talking about the players and not the idiot owners anymore.  He has been tweeting out weird trade rumors, confused ramblings and idiot speak.  Jim Irsay tweets like a stroke victim talks.

Justin Blackmon is looking like the real deal.  He breaks a tackle on every catch he makes and if he can hold off on the DUI’s until after he retires, then he may have a great career.

Will Clint Bowyer get his 2nd victory of the season at Bristol Saturday or will Kyle Busch get a win to sneak into the Chase?


Messi and Ronaldo both scored a goal in yesterday’s Spanish Super Cup, but afterwards Messi left to play strip billiards with Spain’s beach volleyball team, while Ronaldo just stood outside and begged to get in the party.

If you enjoyed Berman’s play-by-play last night then please seek help.  If you didn’t then check out USA Today’s Chirs Chase’s take on it.




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