The Dez Bryant Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Jerry Jones has stepped up and given his troubled WR his own personal set of rules and judging by the leaked rules, it looks like Dez Bryant has a fondness for strip clubs.  Here are the rules per ESPN Dallas.

• A midnight curfew. If he’s going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance.

• No drinking alcohol.

• He can’t attend any strip clubs and can only attend nightclubs if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him.

• He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.

• A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times.

• Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions.

I don’t see these rules working at all.  I wonder what the punishment will be for breaking any of these?  I especially think the one man security detail is destined to fail, because any WR worth a damn can shake single coverage.  I would go one man during the day and double him up after 6pm.  The real victims of this will be the strippers of the greater Dallas area.  Dez Bryant has accounted for 15% of all stripper income in Dallas and that loss will be tough to overcome.


One thought on “The Dez Bryant Rules Are Made To Be Broken

  1. If I had to abide by those rules I’d quit. However, if I made over 1 million dollars a year, I’d deal with it.

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