The Morning Dump: 8/27/12

The New Orleans Saints are getting out of town ahead of Isaac and the city is bracing for it.  Good luck Nola.

After taking on $260 mil plus in Red Sox’s salaries the Dodgers are making a statement that they are going for the N.L. West.  If they can get in the playoffs, their lineup can give pitchers trouble.

Look for the Red Sox to go after Josh Hamilton hard this offseason.

How worried about the 2012 season are the Jets right now?  Their offense is going to be horrible.  I say they win no more than 6 games.

I said after week one that Wilson had a very good chance at being the starter in Seattle and out of the 5 rookie QB’s named week 1 starters, I think Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have the best chance at making the playoffs.  Wilson gives them a spark and his creativity will win them some games.

15-year-old Lydia Ko won the LPGA tournament this weekend and left $300,000 on the table because she is an amateur.  This was also the first time that I typed the word “amateur” outside of a search box.

I want to see how Hard Knocks handles the Vontae Davis to Colts trade.  Do the Dolphins blast Irsay for his tweets?  Did Davis suck it up in practice?


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