Breaking News: Robert Griffin Cut

In a move that shocked the world, Robert Griffin has been released.  This may be the end of a career that many thought would resurrect a franchise.  I was able to get a hold of him shortly after his release and here are his candid comments.

Jumbo:  Sorry about the news Robert.  How are you holding up?

Robert:  I’m alright.  I am just looking for any team to give me a chance to perform.

Jumbo:  Do you think that you may go down as a major bust?

Robert:  No.  I don’t think I was really expected to do a lot.

Jumbo:  What do you mean?  Didn’t the Redskins trade away their entire future for you?

Robert:  That’s Robert Griffin III you idiot.

Jumbo:  Who are you?

Robert:  Robert Griffin former Baylor offensive lineman.

Jumbo:  I thought you were a QB at Baylor.

Robert:  That was Robert Griffin III, I’m Robert T. Griffin.

Jumbo:  My bad.  Good luck with being compared to Ryan Leaf.

Robert:  F*** You!


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