The Morning Dump: 8/31/12

I am so excited for this weekend, I don’t know what to do.  The opening weekend of college football is my 2nd favorite of the year.  Just behind next week’s NFL opening.

Nadal, Federer and Joker have 33 majors between them.  Roddick has 1 and Brooklyn Decker.  Enjoy your retirement Andy.

Davey Johnson told Strasburg he has 2-3 more starts to go before the Nationals shut him down.  In a move that will be second guessed forever, the Nats are folding to Scott Boras and shutting down the Yankee’s future ace.

I think a beltline series between the Orioles and Nationals would be great for baseball.

Great opening test for South Carolina at Vandy last night.  SC got the win, but Vandy looks like a very solid team.  Plus they covered the +6.5 for me.

Andre “Wrong Way” Parker gives us a classic moment in week 1.

BYU spoiled Mike Leach’s return the Cougar country with a beatdown.  I blame Craig James.

I like the new IR changes and the week 9 trade deadline that the NFLPA approved.  Should liven up the in season trading.

Money Mayweather has bet $3 mil on Michigan to cover the +14 they are getting from Alabama.  That’s 30,000 times more than I bet on it. 



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