The Morning Dump: 9/6/12

Why can’t NFL night games start at 7pm?  I’m tired this morning.

The Cowboys outplayed the Giants on every level last night and got the win.  I don’t think this is bad for the Giants though.  They can’t come from behind in December if they aren’t trailing. 

Tom Coughlin hates fumbles so much, that he made David Wilson cry.  I heard his daughter once dropped a serving spoon at Thanksgiving dinner and Coughlin didn’t speak to her for 3 days.

Jerry Jones has an assistant wipe off his glasses.  He sent the guy to the Giants sideline to see if Wilson needed help wiping tears off his visor.

Good-bye Andy Roddick.  Get off the court and enjoy you some Brooklyn Decker.

My U.S. Open pick Roger Federer was shut down yesterday also.

Bobby Valentine wants to punch a talk show host and the Yankees are having player only meetings.  The Orioles have turned the A.L. East upside down.

Cleveland public enemy #1, Art Modell passed away last night.  He was a big part of the NFL’s history and he did a lot for the game.




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